VinaPhone 4G package 90 days

Package 3TMAX59V

This is a package developed from the MAX59V 30-day package and is a cheap 4g Vina network package.
You will immediately receive 8GB of internet access every month.
In particular, you will enjoy free entertainment with MYTV. Offer up to 140 channels including VTVcab, VOD.
The usage period of the package is 90 days with the price of VND 177,000.
However, only subscribers who are on the promotion list can register.
To register for 3G Vina, đăng ký 3G Vina please compose CHON 3TMAX59V and send it to 1543.

3 Months 4G Package 3TMAX79V

In order not to interrupt internet connection Vina has launched the 3TMAX79V package.
VinaPhone 4G package for 3 months with the price of 237,000 VND.
Registering for 5G Vina đăng ký 5G Vina package 3TMAX79V you will be free to watch MyTV (140 channels) for 3 months.
In addition, there is also 09GB DATA/month continuously for 3 months.
To register, please write CHON 3TMAX79V and send it to 1543.

Package 3TD99V Vina

Enjoy talking to your friends with 1500 minutes of on-net calls per month.
Plus 30 minutes/month of internet calls.
Offer 1GB data/day and free to watch MyTV with more than 140 channels of VTVcab, VOD.



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