Revealing the simple, simple, 4g vina registration syntax

1 min readJun 15, 2021


Are you looking for the syntax to register 4g vina? Are you looking for a way to register for a preferential 4g Vinaphone package? What are you waiting for, because here we have “đăng ký 4g vina” as fast as the way an ex-lover turns around.

Package VD2 vinaphone

Vd2 is a short-term package. Only use during the day at an attractive price

VD2 package is only 2000vnd/day 500MB of high-speed storage is available.

20 minutes of free on-net calls.

Suitable for those who need to use the internet urgently.

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D7 network vina

2gb/day high speed upon successful registration.

The price is only 7000vnd/day

Syntax to register CHON D7 send 1543

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Hopefully with the above information, you will have the most enjoyable moments using the network. Wish you successfully registered 4g package.

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