Register for D89P VinaPhone package

2 min readSep 29, 2021

Subscribe to 4g Vina(Đăng ký 4g Vina) monthly — If you are looking for a 4g Vina monthly package of 89k, you cannot ignore the following package. With priority data up to 120GB/month. In addition, there is also a free offer of minutes to call the best off-net content. Let’s follow up to register for 4g Vina month.

D89P Vina

Registering for the D89P VinaPhone package, you just need to compose a message with the syntax: CHON D89P send 1543

In which:

CHON is open code to register 4g VinaPhone main format.

D89P is the package name that you select the used to use in month.

1543 is a 4g registered switchboard of VinaPhone network.

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How to Register for D89P Vina Long Term Packages

In addition to the single-term D89P package, the operator also preferentially deploys D89P packages for 3 months — 6 months — 12 months. In particular, when you register for a long-term D89P VinaPhone, you will save a lot of registration costs. But the offer is still received in full according to the number of registered months without any additional charges. If you do not know which package to register for 4g Vina, you should try nagy with D89P to experience the best 4g network service.

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Attractive Offer When Using Package D89P Vina

You will immediately receive 120GB data per month (4GB/day) when you successfully sign up for the D89 Vina package.

And yet, you also get 1000 minutes of free on-net calls.

In addition, there are 60 minutes of free external calls for 1 month.

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Attractive Offers When Using 3TD89P Vina Package

Sign up for 3TD89P VinaPhone package and you will get 120GB of data per month for free.

You still have 1000 minutes of on-net calls per month.

There are still 60 minutes for you to drop the station to call outside the network without worrying about any charges.

Package price: 267,000 VND 3 months.