Instructions on how to register for Vina 4g network

2 min readMay 27, 2021


Registering 4g vina in Vietnam has become increasingly popular. People use 4g to study, work, even to communicate with friends and family.
In Vietnam, it is not difficult to see images of people using smartphones every day. Therefore, register for 4g vina package to serve the needs of each person.
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C. BIG90 Vinaphone package

Your subscribers need to belong to the following subjects to be able to register for 4G BIG90 package of vina:

All prepaid and postpaid subscribers join new Vinaphone network.
All active subscribers of Vinaphone.
The incentives received when customers register 4g vina network BIG90 package:

Instantly receive 1GB data per day with continuous usage speed for 30 days.
When the space is used up, the system automatically disconnects. Stop accessing the internet.
If you want to use more data, you can buy more individual packages to continue using the internet.

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BIG90 Package

Phone number of Vinaphone to consult domestic customers — 18001091:
From November 2018, when calling vina switchboard number 18001091, customers only need to choose the appropriate branch to be supported by the operator according to their requirements:

– Branch 1: Report urgent lockdown, support information about promotions and incentives;

Working time: 4g switchboard vina 18001091 branches 1, 2, 3 serving 24h/7; branches 4, 5 serve from 7am to 9pm daily and all days of the year.
Free for VinaPhone subscribers and VNPT subscribers.

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