High-speed VinaPhone 4G package

1 min readNov 10, 2021


How to register cách đăng ký 4G Vina to receive data and free voice minutes you know? If not, follow along below. The article will provide you with package details about the SG120 VinaPhone package that has both high-speed capacity and free voice calling minutes.

Syntax of Registration SG120

To register for SG120 VinaPhone, you just need to compose a message with the following syntax: CHON SG120 to 1543. Then the switchboard will respond to the registration results to the phone message. If the registration is successful, remember to restart the device to update the new offer!

Successful registration you will have 04GB/day => 120GB/month + 1500p on-net calls + 50p off-net calls. You can also subscribe to đăng ký 3G Vina via the syntax below. SG120 VinaPhone Package Offer

When registering for 5G Vina

For a successful VinaPhone SG120 package, you will receive the following incentives:

Free 120GB high-speed data for 1 month (04GB/day).

Free 1500 minutes of on-net calls to VinaPhone in a month.

Package SG120 Vina also offers 50 minutes of off-net calls to use in a month.

During use, you should check the offer regularly to have a suitable usage plan. Đăng ký 5G Vina From there, you will control the amount of traffic you use during the day. Syntax to check package capacity SG120 Vina composes: DATA to 888.