Dang Ky 4G VinaPhone Goi BIG129V

1 min readSep 20, 2021


Vietnamese: Đăng ký 4g Vina tháng Vina’s BIG129 package is one of the best internet access data packages. If you often use the internet, the BIG129V VinaPhone package is an interesting choice. Signing up for a daily package will give you 2GB of high-speed data to surf the web, study and work. Besides, whenever you are tired of work or need to be entertained with attractive movies, you can access 140 channels on MyTV for free. Follow us to know more about BIG129V Vina!

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Package Deals

Special BIG129V package: 2GB DATA/day

Free entertainment MyTV more than 140 channels including VTVcab beam, VOD.

Shelf life: 30 days.

Price: 129,000d/30 days.

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Notes When Using Vina’s BIG129V Package

The BIG129V package has an auto-renew feature every 3 months for the convenience of customers.
In the process of using to check the remaining traffic, compose DATA and send to 888. Thanks to that, you can control internet access data.

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When you no longer need to use or want to change the subscription package, text HUY BIG129V to 888.