4G VinaPhone data package terrible

2 min readOct 13, 2021


Registering for 4g Vina (Đăng ký 4g Vina tháng)helps you to access the internet anytime, anywhere conveniently. Even without wifi you can still easily access the internet with high speed. If you still have not found yourself a package as desired, you can follow it right below. Maybe through this information you can choose for yourself a suitable companion. Let’s keep an eye on some of the most popular 4g monthly packages today.

Syntax to register 4g Vina

Syntax to compose message to register 3g — 4g Vina package: CHON [package name] send 1543


CHON is VinaPhone’s 3G — 4G package activation syntax.

[Package name] is the appropriate package code you choose.

1543 is a registered switchboard for 3G — 4G of VinaPhone network.

You can use this syntax to đăng ký 3g Vina completely okay.

Package MAX100 Vina

Attractive offer when using 4g Vina ladder of MAX100 package:

Get 30GB of high-speed data right away for 30 days.

When using up all the capacity in the package, the system lowers the bandwidth to 256/128 Kbps. Free of charge incurred.

Syntax for registration: CHON MAX100 to 1543. You can also see how to register for the latest đăng ký 5g Vina experience.

BIG90 Vina Package

The incentives received when customers register 4g network vina monthly BIG90 package:

Instantly receive 1GB data per day with continuous usage speed for 30 days.

When the space is used up, the system automatically disconnects. Stop accessing the internet.

If you want to use more data, you can buy more individual packages to continue using the internet.

BIG120 Package

Attractive offer when ddawng kys 4g vina BIG120 package:

Instantly receive 60GB (2GB/day) of high-speed data within 30 days.

See more: https://hi4ghavina.tumblr.com/post/664913199907373056/goi-cuoc-4g-vinaphone-theo-thang

When the capacity in the package is used up, the system will automatically disconnect. No charges incurred.